LONGLIFE TYRES- Empowerment in motion

LONGLIFE TYRES is a 100% black owned company and is level 1 BEE company and operates under the licence of Bandag South Africa.

1988 marked the year LONGLIFE TYRES established itself more effectively within the commercial transport industry. Rising from a previously disadvantaged community we identified ourselves with the parastatals.

 LONGLIFE TYRES the brainchild of director Arwin. P.Bhana resulted in a creation of highly skilled service provider within the transport industry.

LONGLIFE TYRES joined the Bandag franchise and were accredited with SABS standard certification. Of the 27 franchises we are the only black franchise.


The combination of Bandag retreads and premium new tyres provides road transport operators with one of the most cost-effective and reliable tyre solutions on the market today.

LONGLIFE TYRES has being part of the South African transport landscape for over 28 years. LONGLIFE TYRES Bandag products are renowned for longlife and outstanding performance and are specifically designed to endure the hardest conditions.

The exclusive LONGLIFE TYRES Bandag process ensures total quality and reliability. From our stringent testing of raw materials to final product inspection our focus is to provide our customers with the lowest cost per kilometre retread on the market without compromising on safety and quality standards.

Based in KZN we enjoy a unique footprint within the transport industry. The company is dedicated to meet the client’s needs and implement the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities within the busiest district of our services.

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