BTR-SA Features: Bandag's wing tread for trailer applicationsFor over the road applications only Works well in high scrub turning fleetsWorks equally
Radial Plus Features: A Versatile rib treadOffers peak performance on radial casingsExceptional mileage and lateral stability with even wear Applications: Long Haul Regional
BDr-HG Features: BDR-HG is a Bandag Regional and Long Haul Over-The-Road Drive Application treadShoulder and centre tie bars for more
UDR Features: Stone penetration protection in grooves help guard against foreign material damageTargeted tread depth 20.6mm for faster wear rate applicationsSlotted
BDR-HT2 Features: BDR-HT2 is a drive position tread for high torque applications.Ideal for both regional and long haul over the